How Blogging Affects My Personal Life


I have been involved in blogging since 2013 on a part-time basis. Being a lifestyle blogger, things you shared in your writing can change the way of thinking of your blog readers.

For instance, people will choose and implement their decisions based on social media or blog feeds.

I still clearly remember that I posted an article about my experience and journey exploring West Sumatra, Indonesia in 2017. I never imagined that my readers would personally email me to get the most details of the vacation tips and tricks

How Blogging Changed My Perspectives

From what I had experienced, they will go with your suggestions from the blog. Therefore, this is the point bloggers and influencers can increase trust towards their point and preach. 

For marketing purposes, any brand or company that has been reviewed and shared by the influencers could positively impact their sales and marketing.

As readers look through the blog’s content and relate to their desires, they may have a similar interest and therefore might want to try the same thing that has been shared in the blog.

I feel impressed!

Consequently, I try to continue to write consistently. Most of the things that I have shared are about traveling tricks, tips, and my passion for homemade cooking recipes that could help my blog readers who had the same purposes.

The important thing when you do a blog is to ensure write things you do like. Magically, it will make you more consistent. The passion for doing what you love makes it smooth to deliver the idea into beautiful content.

I may have run out of ideas to write. But if that happens, I will write general things like reviews on health tips, family, parenting discussions, and even random things. Just to make sure I stayed in momentum.

Bloggers Bring Positivity Toward People

Bloggers could also bring positive vibes, inspiration, and sources of information to their blog readers. Somehow on the other way bloggers can make one brand looks irresponsible and worst due to their unpleasant experiences while using their product or services.

Billions of people are fed with information from the internet and blog are one of them. Of course, we cannot rely on that much from the blog information. Eventhough it might be written by famous people. 

But then again, the blog will come first almost every time we look for sources from the internet.

We cannot deny this fact!

Therefore, with this opportunity bloggers could share their personal experiences in bringing a positive impact on their readers. For example, how their creativity or hobbies could turn into a huge business deal. Others look at their success stories and feel inspired.

Therefore, repeating doing the best things to improve their standard of living as well. Thus, the life quality of the community will also increase.

Micro-Influencers Have a Huge Impact on Society

As the media social trending for years and adapting to the change allow me to sign up for my own Instagram page. Well, being one who wrote backstage and had to interact live with the followers on social media could be a little naïve of me.

Over the years, some other bloggers have also had to adapt to the trends and successfully promote their blogs through social media.

And from what I have seen, a micro-influencer is one of the people that we should work with if you might need to expand your products and services. They might not have a large number of followers compared to the prominent influencer.

But, in fact, micro-influencer is closer to the community as their circle might be their friends and families. Hence, it has an impact on further expanding marketing.

Therefore, social media has grown rapidly and become a branding platform. This can be seen through the popular social media personalities associated with various types of brands. It had a positive impact on their sales and marketing.

Along with the progress of social messaging trends, influencers and bloggers should also do research in doing brand endorsements and know their niche market and target readers.


And as a blogger or influencers, we should know the appropriateness of the opinion that we should convey to the reader so that the message is clear and does not deviate from our true purpose.


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